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Tour Like A Pro! Workshop

After many years of touring and learning the ropes the hard way, Ruby Dee and Jorge Harada have put together a presentation on touring geared for independent artists everywhere. Whether you have never toured and want to start but don’t know how, have an independent record deal with little to no tour support from the label, or have been on the road before and are looking for a better, more organized way to tour and maximize your profits (and keep the band together during the tour) : ), this workshop is chock full of information everyone can benefit from: from tour planning and budgeting, to staying healthy and sane on the road, the presentation is not genre specific, so these concepts can be applied to solo performers or groups alike.


Since our first release, we’ve traveled a distance totaling more than 300,000 miles, including multiple coast-to-coast tours across the US and Europe. We believe in the DIY philosophy of artist self-empowerment, and in maximizing your opportunities through knowledge, initiative and organization. The course outline includes routing and mapping, booking, budgeting, publicity, health and safety, and road self-management.


This is not a theoretical industry panel geared for folks with high connections, major indy label deals, or management/handlers. This is hands-on, nuts-and-bolts DIY info that’s directly applicable as soon as the attendee leaves the workshop. We teach you exactly how to do it and what you’ll need to get it done. It’s fairly guaranteed that the audience will be riveted, and it’s an excellent networking opportunity for all attendees, and  a great way to share information and empower artists.


If you wish to book the presentation, or want more information including a top-level course outline, contact us directly.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ruby Dee and Jorge Harada
Ruby Dee and The Snakehandlers
Austin, TX

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