Love Love Love Playing With These Guys

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m struck anew almost every time we hit the stage together or compact ourselves into a tiny rehearsal room to work out the kinks on a new song- I love love love playing with these gents!

Rick Watson on both electric and upright bass, Michael Bahan on drums and upside-down humor, and of course Jorge Harada on guitar: it’s not just about the music we make together though- these are 3 of the nicest, most genuine human beings- as well as talented dudes- you could ever hope to play with. And I’m so lucky I get to play with them all the time 🙂

We have been working out the details on new songs, in preparation for something fun down the road a bit- and look forward to sharing them with you soon. Think gumbo ya-ya, east-coast swing, and miscellaneous Latino rhythms all tethered together with a rockabilly pulse! Can’t wait to see you soon so you can hear for yourself. Until then, keep it round like a record!

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Have I Told You Recently How Much I Appreciate You?!

I’ve been reminded repeatedly over the past few months how incredibly lucky I am to play the gents I play with, and play for the folks I play for. I honestly appreciate them and you so SO much!! Thank you for being who and where you are, and for continuing to listen to live music everywhere 🙂 Hope to see you soon where you can hear more brand new songs so new we don’t even know them yet!!!

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Who’s Ready to Rock n Roll SoCal?!!

Looking forward to rockin’ and rollin next Friday January 25th at the classic Yost Theatre in Santa Ana with Gretsch afficionados Jason Lee and the R.I.P. Tides, Chris Cosello and Tammi Savoy, Jamie James and the Kingbees and The Rockin’ Rebels! Get yer tickets here Rockabilly Guitar Fest and we’ll see you there for an incredible night of surf, rockabilly, R&B and jump blues! Did I mention we Can. Not. Wait!

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