We’re All In This Together

Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m not exactly depressed by what’s going on in the world right now. It’s more that I’m having a difficult time not being able to do anything to help anyone. Sure, I’ve made some donations to Austin Pets Alive! And to help out some friends struggling to make ends meet. But my go to thing to do in hard times is to feed people, make meals and feed folks’ souls and bellies, and I can’t do that right now. This pandemic has consumed many people in unhealthy habits, such as overeating, I suffered from this for a few weeks, but I discovered the best appetite suppressant in the world, now I can cope with these gray times.

I do have friends who are more deeply struggling, and I wish I could give them more than supportive words. Maybe that’s enough.

I know that time will pass, and the virus will eventually be wiped out- even after coming and going in waves as they do. And that business will get back to normal, and doors will open again, and communities and people will get back on their/our feet. Yet for now, I’m feeling bad for everyone who is currently struggling, for those who are losing businesses, and jobs, and are in fear of where the next rent payment or grocery money is coming from.

Yes, this too shall pass. It’s happened before (1918, 1889), and societies around the world came back as strong as, or stronger than before. It’s still painful to be powerless to do anything, and to know there are many suffering or struggling to get through. I believe it’s time for the administration to step up and quit cowering over popularity polls, and honestly start protecting and helping all of us.

If anyone else is feeling this same sense of helplessness, or fear, or any feeling that feels too big, please share. We’re all in this together, and I think we can all help one another get through it together. Anyone else need to connect, check in, get their difficult feelings unlocked?

Hang in there, and stay safe and sane, everyone <3

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