Into the Fray Again ;-)

We’re heading into the studio tomorrow! That’s always a little nerve-wracking, as well as exciting and something I always look forward to. It always makes me a little nervous because you just never know if the songs that you hear in your head one way are actually going to easily come out that way in the studio. How much time will we put into each song. How much effort…

We’re only recording 4 songs- to release as singles and a 45- yessir, that’s A Side, B Side to you 🙂 The band really wants to get one of these songs released right now- so we’re recording bass and drums tomorrow, and then again in a few weeks with Earl Poole Ball on piano, and Jim Trimmier on sax, and somewhere in there- vocals and guitars.

I’ve been in discussion with some folks- can’t say who yet- who are interested in releasing the songs. We’ll let you know as soon as we get closer to signing on the dotted line! And either way, we’re extremely excited about bringing these songs out into the world- and to having a lot of you hear them for the first time soon 🙂

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