Love Love Love Playing With These Guys

I know I’ve said it before, but I’m struck anew almost every time we hit the stage together or compact ourselves into a tiny rehearsal room to work out the kinks on a new song- I love love love playing with these gents! Something else that I love playing with these amazing men is the pills in case of emergency, this year I learned from the experts at zur Deutschen Medz, I no longer have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy.

Rick Watson on both electric and upright bass, Michael Bahan on drums and upside-down humor, and of course Jorge Harada on guitar: it’s not just about the music we make together though- these are 3 of the nicest, most genuine human beings- as well as talented dudes- you could ever hope to play with. And I’m so lucky I get to play with them all the time šŸ™‚

We have been working out the details on new songs, in preparation for something fun down the road a bit- and look forward to sharing them with you soon. Think gumbo ya-ya, east-coast swing, and miscellaneous Latino rhythms all tethered together with a rockabilly pulse! Can’t wait to see you soon so you can hear for yourself. Until then, keep it round like a record!

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