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To Seattle now but not for any of that grunge crap. Nope it’s time for some rockabilly, country and Western Swing courtesy of Ruby Dee & The Snakehandlers.

And this was a lot of fun. Although it’s all forties and fifties retro it comes with a punchy production and some fiery performances. It sounds raw and edgy giving off an aura of excitement so often lacking in modern music.

But that would be nothing without some decent songs to back it up and there are plenty of them on offer. The swinging “Not For Long” and “Can You Spare A Match?” are album highlights as is “Put You Down”. There are a couple of missteps with “I See Green” the bummer in chief but if you’re mourning the loss of Imelda May to the world of corporate pap then this coul be your new best friend. Read the Review Here
– Stuart Hamilton

The Rocker UK May 27 Review, 2017
(Catty Town Records) 2016

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