Jump! Jiggle! and Shake! Tour Done & Done (WOW)


This has been such an amazing tour- I can’t say enough about the lovely gentlemen from Mr. Twist who not only backed me up, but who allowed me to take up an entire van seat so I could rest my poor broken rib, they wouldn’t let me carry a THING, and they drove every inch of every kilometer across Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Oh and did I mention they’re all fantastic musicians and genuinely sweet guys? Nuff said. Much heart goes out to Kossi, Zap-o, Bones, Preston and Jaegermeister. Come see me soon.

Tonight was the last night of this amazing tour- we played to some really great, rockin’ jumpin’ swingin’ crowds, every one of them memorable and generous! Now my bags are packed and I’m waiting to come down from the buzz of our last show and get a bit of sleep before heading to the airport bright and early- heading home to my sweety at last!

Now I wish the tour was longer, we had such a great time. IN fact, my heart is a little heavy knowing that tomorrow I won’t be laying in the back of the van listening to these guys cut it up, even though I don’t understand much of what they’re saying 🙂 while I’m wishing, I wish my rib was all healed up- can’t believe I did this whole tour with it busted up! So. I hope Mr. Twist comes across the pond to play in our neighborhood sometime soon. Until then, I’m looking forward to a few days rest, then we’ll hit the boards nice and swanky at the Driskill next Saturday October 8th, and then off to Sam’s in San Antonio Monday October 10th. Make sure you come out and say howdy to the band- it’ll be great to play to folks on home turf!

Until the next time, keep a rockin’ and a rollin’ 😉 Hoohah uber rock-n-roll, meine freunde!!

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