Department of Tangents New Release Roundup

tangents_three_vagoIn a genre like rockabilly, which can seem a little cookie-cutter at times, it’s the bands that stand out are the ones that get the details right. Frank Zappa used to call it putting the eyebrows on. Dee and her band do it right. She gets the vocal pops on “Can You Spare A Match?” and the sneer on “Put You Down.” Dylan Cavaliere keeps the upright ass thumping, guitarist Jorge Harada knows how to use slapback and play all those double-string popping leads, and Scott L. French can drive the whole thing from the drum throne. They also don’t forget the central element in rockabilly – fun. Get everybody dancing and laughing. There is “All Knocked Up,” a tale of a homecoming queen in wonderfully poor taste. It would have been a perfect fit for the soundtrack of John Waters’ Cry Baby. And the final kiss off, “You Underwhelm Me.” You won’t get a better workout than laughing while shaking your ass. Read the Review
– Nick Zaino (Boston, MA)

Catty Town Records (2016)

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