Tour Aid Request

Hi friends and fans 🙂 we’ve had a crazy week putting out fires to do with our upcoming Australian tour. Last year, the agency we’d signed on with to put the tour together just disappeared. Then 5 months ago, we signed up with a new agency, but their guy dropped the ball and didn’t get a thing done. Seriously, not one gig- though I’d sent them contacts for all the places who wanted to hire us again. So just two weeks ago, they started working on the tour finally- the tour that’s coming up in 2 months- leaving not much room for negotiations.

And yesterday, the agency we’re working with now just informed us we will have to pay for housing and transportation ourselves, which is not what we’d budgeted for originally. So… we’re coming to you, hat in hand, to ask for your help in making this tour come together. If you are able to help- or know someone who can- we would so appreciate it! You would allow us to get back to the job of writing songs and entertaining folks rather than stressing out about how we’re going to pay for these additional costs.

Please go to this link and help in any way you can- and pass this along to anyone you think might be able to help us out. And thanks so much from the depths of our artistic hearts 🙂

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