End of the Year Snakehandlers News

Just wanted to let all our fans and friends know about a bunch of odds-n-ends that are lining up for the Snakehandlers as we round the corner towards the end of 2014~

Where do we start? We’ve been working on some new songs for y’all- the first that Ruby has been able to write since her accident in 2008. These are swingin’ more jump-blues/Texas swing style songs that really get your toes tapping, and we look forward to sharing them with you soon. We’ve also been poking around looking at various studio options in preparation for recording these new songs sometime in 2015. So definitely stay tuned for more information on THAT.

Next, we are happy to say that we have started to play regularly with both our pals Sneaky Pete and AJ on drums. If you haven’t come out to see us in a while, you definitely need to stop by and see what you’re missing out on! Pete and AJ both really and truly know how to drive this Snakehandlers bus 😉

FYI, we’re also working on our 2015 calendar which looks like it will include a rockin’ tour to be revealed soon… as well as the odd fly-out and Texas area venues, of course. Be sure to check out our calendar to find out where and when we’ll be playing next- and we’ll see you there!

And last but certainly not least, we want to wish everyone a safe and sane holiday season and end of 2014- we truly look forward to seeing you all in the new year if not sooner! Hasta la vista, RD & JH

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