Stay Cool This Summer Folks (Unless You Like It Hot!)

Howdy friends, fans and family – we hope this summer is treating you well so far- we know there’s been all sorts of crazy weather every which way, so we hope everyone is staying cool, or warm and dry- whatever you need best where ever you are 🙂

We’re getting nice and primed for our upcoming tour in Australia- four states the size of Texas in 12 days, aiyee!! Well, ready or not, here we come- armed with brand new songs for your swingin’ pleasure, as well as plenty of CDs, t-shirts, new workshirts, ladies’ unmentionables and more. Check out our calendar to see where we’ll be and when- from Adelaide to Melbourne, Sydney, Brewarrina Shire and Brisbane- we look forward to seeing your bright and shiny smiling faces there!

And for all our fans in Europe- we’ve been in contact with a few festivals in France and Sweden, which means we’re working on something for the summer of 2015- hang in there, we’ll be back!

We’ve also been working on some new songs for y’all, in preparation for heading back into the studio (hope our favourite electrician Brisbane finished all preparations for out coming back!) perhaps by the end of this year. And folks, this is the first round of 100% new songs I’ve been able to write since my accident back in 2008, so hang tight- we think you’re going to like what we’re putting together for ya!

Meanwhile, be sure to check out our calendar to find out where and when we’ll be playing next near you.

Until then, keep on a rockin’!
Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers

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