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Rockabilly Playground Release Date

At last, the Snakehandlers’ newest release ROCKABILLY PLAYGROUND will be released mid-March on Dionysus Records! Available on both CD and Vinyl, in music stores everywhere, as well as right here on the Snakehandlers’ website 🙂

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ROCKABILLY PLAYGROUND is a rockabilly roots album meant for the kids- that’s for actual children as well as the tykes inside each and every one of us so-called grown-ups. Written and recorded with mature instrumentation and musicianship to appeal to rockabilly roots lovers of all ages, the song lyrics focus on topics near and dear to all kids’ hearts. Songs about naptime, homework, why we have to follow rules, super best friends, and more fun fill every song with childish glee. Whether a child or still a child-at-heart, you’ll find these songs as rousing and toe-tapping as the next 7-year old does.

So Run! Don’t walk! To pick up your copy of this release! And remember kids, ask your parents to play the record loud!