Ruby Dee is publishing a cookbook!

Ruby Dee is raising funds for Ruby’s Juke Joint Americana Cookbook on! Ruby’s Juke Joint Americana cookbook is filled with her down home recipes, and it’s accompanied by a CD of great Americana music to cook by. Here’s more info on the project:

“Ruby’s Juke Joint Americana Cookbook is filled with down home recipes that I’ve created over the years, complemented by old recipes handed down to me by family members, and accompanied by a CD of great, all-time Americana music to cook by.

The very idea of this cookbook is to provide you with the basics of my personal recipes- something to kick-start your own imagination and taste buds- and encourage you to head down to your local Farmer’s Market and set you on the road to filling your personal recipe tin with your own tried and true well-loved dishes”.

View the proposal on

2 thoughts on “Ruby Dee is publishing a cookbook!”

  1. Unfortunately they won’t be done in time. They’re at the editor’s now, and come out maybe by the end of June, but not for certain… stay tuned!

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