The least you could do..!

Ok, so last night, we were treated to some fine teriyaki and hospitality by Toshi, the owner of Tokyo Garden, believe it or not, one of the best places in Fresno to catch a rockabilly show. We were excited to play there, with Arson Roulette- who we’ve played with before at the Weekender in Germany. I’d envisioned a room packed with local folks all come out to support Arson and the touring band (us) and a whole lot of fun. Well, what happened instead was- Arson never showed up!

So we played to a handful of very attentive, very cool folks- some really nice people did come out. And even though it was not one of our shining moment type of shows- none of us could hear ourselves or one another- we put it on, as always, for the good folks there. Show was over and we were back in our hotel by midnight.

We’ve got the drive today- five hours up to South Lake Tahoe- to one of the nicest theatres we love to play- the Valhalla. Then all over and around northern Cali, and onward and upward through Oregon and of course, the Ball in Seattle! Here we come, see y’all down the road!

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  1. I was grateful for the outstanding performance despite the obvious (thanks alot for the no call/no show, Arsen) and not-so-obvious (monitors) issues.

    As thanks for playing, your picture and link to your website is up for all to see on our website:

    We hope to see you in Fresno again sometime.

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