Ruby Dee & the Snakehandlers tour west coast 2007

Howdy friends and fambly! This here is a quick little check in on our 2007 west coast tour- we’ve been on the road for four days now, and have been having such a good time that we haven’t been able to get to the computer until today. We played at one of our perrenial favorite locations ever- Sengthong’s in Dunsmuir CA- not a lot of folks showed up for that Thursday night gig, but we sure brought the house down for those who came. In fact, we picked up one new stalker, I mean fan, who followed us to the Bay Area and came to another of our shows last night!

We played in SF at the Argus lounge- arguably one of my new favorite west coast bars ever- and some of the nicest, most affable folks ever came out to play with us there. We made a passel of new friends who we’re going to see tonight, were invited to play a number of shows as well. and got to eat penis cake all night long! I love San Francisco… Actually, there was a bachelorette party going on, so I sang my one happy love song to the bride to be, Emily, and then cracked penis cake jokes all night long. I just like saying it- ‘PENIS CAKE’. Has a nice ring to it, dontchya think?! Although the boys were rather disturbed by the way they cut the cake concentrically…

Last night, we played in San Rafael at another great old timey bar- the Fourth Street Tavern- used to be a brothel I hear- we had the great opportunity to play with Carilee and was she ever GREAT! The folks there took their clothes of for us, tried to get us dangerously drunk, and offered to buy the guitar player at least once. We will most definitely come back to play for these folks again. Oh, and before we played, we ate at some little taco place down the street, and there was a man sitting at another table singing along to the Mexican torch song, and while he was singing, he was crying and putting his head down on the table- it was a beautiful display of emotion- and as soon as the song was over, he was fine! I wish I could emote like that when I sing… of course, who wants to watch a crying woman on stage? Well… maybe there’s money in that…

We’re off to dimsum in the City and then tooling around the park or the Haight or whatever. Have a great Sunday y’all and  if you are interested in some Roulette Strategy and rules just click on the link for details !

Ruby Dee

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