After a day off…

Well, this is what happens after a day off- your drummer gets nice and wasted on the Haight going from bar to bar- we’re very glad we caught up with him at some point there. We then headed out to Pacifica to the Riptide Tavern where we saw a great band from Missouri- Big Smith- they just brought it all to the table, bluegrass roots style. Definitely check these guys out if and when you get the chance. And don’t crack any hillbilly relations jokes if you like your face where it is- these guys are indeed all cousins and brothers, and there were even two additional cousins in the bar last night who got up on stage and sang too! Golly.

Well, we left that place after meeting some more really nice folks, gathered our rhythm section up off the beach where they were continuing their religious experience with the tequila Gods, and headed south to Mountain View where we’re staying with our very good friends Ethan and Annabelle. Ethan used to be in Savage Republic, and is now doing other lovely noise in a band called F-Space… Annabelle and I knew eachother a long time ago, in a galaxy very far away… Remind me to tell you all some stories about those days sometime.

Along the way to E&A’s pad, our drummer regaled us with tales of the woman in the hotel room next door to their room the evening before and how she had put on quite the display of emotive moaning. He then soliloquized for half an hour on how to please a woman before he passed out. I have never been so entertained in such a short amount of time- thank you Kipper!! And I fully allow you to write embarrassing stories about me from here forward.

We’re playing tonight at Johnny V’s in San Jose, and then head further south into the LA area… wish us luck y’all!

Ruby Dee

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