Taking It Easy, Working On New Songs

RD-JH Floores

Yeah I know that’s kind of opposite- ‘taking it easy’ and working on songs, but if you love what you do, then work isn’t always drudgery, ya know what I mean? Feeling lucky πŸ˜‰

So we’re taking it easy for the next few weeks, working out the kinks in old songs and working out the details in some brand new stuff I’ve been writing πŸ™‚ we can hardly wait for you to hear what’s next.

Then we play a few shows close to home around the Austin area in late April, then hit the ground rolling across Colorado and New Mexico in May and early June! We’re really looking forward to that- though I hear we’ll need oxygen refills at various points across CO- eee!!

Ok, please come out and say hi to the band sometime soon- we love seeing all your glorious smiling faces- and as always, keep on a rockin’!

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SXSW, All Done!

RDSH Luchenback

Well that’s another SXSW behind us- man it sure gets crazy around Austin this time of year- whew! We just got home from a whirlwind trip out to California, and hit the ground running here at home with a great show at the White Horse alongside Two Tons of Steel for the Atomic Music Group’s showcase, then turned right around and rocked the room at Floore’s Country Store, finishing up the weekend with a really fun show out at Luchenback for their Rock-n-Billy BBQ yesterday afternoon. Like I said, whew!

Now we’re taking this next month to work on new songs and prepare for our month across Colorado and New Mexico in May into June. If you’re out that way, please stop by and say howdy to the band! Meanwhile, I’m also putting the finishing touches on our Europe/U.K./Ireland tour in July and August. We’re very excited to play for folks in the U.K. and Ireland!

Back to working on a new song or two- I can’t wait to play these for y’all soon πŸ™‚

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Thank you Californ-aye-ay!!

JH-RD Good One

Thank you Californ-aye-ay for a great weekend! To all our friends, old and new, who came out to make us feel so at home, dance the night away, and give us great big hugs- thank you!! And to Josh Hi Fi and the Rhythm Kings and the Seamonks for playing two stellar shows with us- keep up the good work gents πŸ™‚

We feel the SoCal pull- there’s a certain something in the air that Jorge and I both miss a lot, and we got a good dose of it this weekend. So guess what, we’ll be back!

Until then, we have a whole bunch of shows during SXSW in the Austin area: this Wednesday March 15 at the White Horse for the Atomic Music Group SXSW showcase, then Friday out at Floore’s Country Store for some rootin’ tootin’ hoe down swingin’ all night long, and finishing up Saturday out at Luckenbach for an early afternoon of BBQ and rockabilly music! Come out and shout with us y’all!

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