Looking Forward to Seeing Your Smiling Faces!

It’s been far too long since we’ve played any shows locally- ok I know it’s only been a few weeks, but I love singing my heart out for you, sharing new and old songs, and sharing the stage with some of my favorite folks whenever possible. So, I really look forward to seeing your smiling faces in a few weeks at Cafe Mueller out by the old airport Saturday July 28th.

That’s a really sweet little cafe connected to the HEB there, where you can stop by in the early evening for a great meal, a glass of wine or local brew- or fresh lemonade if that’s what tempts you- and of course some great local music from 7pm to 9pm. Perfect for a night out with the kids! Or without them!! 😉

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the Snakehandlers, then we think you should stop by and hang out for a bit- I promise you’ll be pleased with how we’re cranking it up these days 🙂 After this show, we’ll be off to Seattle for a weekend in August, and we have a few choice shows coming up out in Luckenbach and around Austin this Fall, but really we’re taking some time to work on new songs, and look forward to playing them for you soon. So, we hope to see your smiling faces July 28th y’all!

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Timely New Song

Ahhhh I’ve been home a week now and am finally feeling settled in- sleeping in my own bed with my family around me, cooking every night- there’s no place like home, that’s for sure.

And finally, Jorge and I have been able to work on a few new songs together! One that I started to write a few years ago is finally coming together, and seems so timely. It’s called Which Side Is Best? And is about a woman crossing dangerous terrain and situations to cross the border into the US so she can make a better life for her family there. The actions against refugees that the US has taken in recent months really concerns me- so this song means a LOT to me right now…

It’s coming out as a mambo, which as you know, is a bit different than what I usually write. When you hear it, I hope you like it too, and I hope you feel he same way about what’s going on all around us.

There are other, lighter songs coming too. Just thought I’d share about this one 👥

Ok in other news, I also finally get to rehearse with my band! And we’ll be playing on Saturday July 28th at Cafe Mueller here in Austin. Please stop by to say howdy, have some fun with the band, and enjoy a good meal with friends. That’s what it’s all about 🤗

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Important Enough

Have you ever reached out to someone who hasn’t treated you well, in vulnerability, to try to talk with them and clean things up between you- only to have them take advantage of your kindness and abuse you further? That happened to me recently. Someone was aggressive and abusive towards me so I reacted and was the same towards them. But then I felt guilty about acting so childishly, so I spoke with them about it- explaining why I was acting that way in the first place and asking them to respectfully treat me as I promised to treat them. But their reaction was cruel! They dug in and became more abusive, making me cry. So…. I wrote a song about them ☺️ Here’s the chorus, and if this has ever happened to you, then this song is your song too ❤️

Do not mistake kindness for weakness
Tears for broken down,
Sympathy for love
I am stronger than
You will ever be
You will never be
Important enough

Omg this has nothing to do with Father’s Day!!! Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

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