Timely New Song

Ahhhh I’ve been home a week now and am finally feeling settled in- sleeping in my own bed with my family around me, cooking every night- there’s no place like home, that’s for sure.

And finally, Jorge and I have been able to work on a few new songs together! One that I started to write a few years ago is finally coming together, and seems so timely. It’s called Which Side Is Best? And is about a woman crossing dangerous terrain and situations to cross the border into the US so she can make a better life for her family there. The actions against refugees that the US has taken in recent months really concerns me- so this song means a LOT to me right now…

It’s coming out as a mambo, which as you know, is a bit different than what I usually write. When you hear it, I hope you like it too, and I hope you feel he same way about what’s going on all around us.

There are other, lighter songs coming too. Just thought I’d share about this one 👥

Ok in other news, I also finally get to rehearse with my band! And we’ll be playing on Saturday July 28th at Cafe Mueller here in Austin. Please stop by to say howdy, have some fun with the band, and enjoy a good meal with friends. That’s what it’s all about 🤗

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