Important Enough

Have you ever reached out to someone who hasn’t treated you well, in vulnerability, to try to talk with them and clean things up between you- only to have them take advantage of your kindness and abuse you further? That happened to me recently. Someone was aggressive and abusive towards me so I reacted and was the same towards them. But then I felt guilty about acting so childishly, so I spoke with them about it- explaining why I was acting that way in the first place and asking them to respectfully treat me as I promised to treat them. But their reaction was cruel! They dug in and became more abusive, making me cry. So…. I wrote a song about them ☺️ Here’s the chorus, and if this has ever happened to you, then this song is your song too ❤️

Do not mistake kindness for weakness
Tears for broken down,
Sympathy for love
I am stronger than
You will ever be
You will never be
Important enough

Omg this has nothing to do with Father’s Day!!! Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

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