RDSH Update- Booking Agency?

RDSH AU 2018-3

We’ve been home for slightly less than a week and are starting to work on new songs that I’ve written over the past few years but that we haven’t had time to go over yet. With our booking agency situation, we suddenly find ourselves with plenty of time to get to those new songs with few interruptions, so…. here! we! go!

The newer songs are more jump blues and swing than what I’ve written in the past, but let’s see how they turn out once they’ve been through the Jorge Harada mill and once we expose them to our rhythm section. It’s always exciting to see how songs change as we bring in new pieces to the mix 🙂

If you didn’t read what happened with our booking agency, there were some communication issues, leaving us suddenly with no shows on our calendar for a while. I’ve been scrambling to amend that, and the calendar is slowly filling up. But I’d much rather turn that over to someone we can trust, so if anyone knows any booking agencies out there who might be interested in working with a hard-working, reliable and proven rockabilly roots band, then please send us suggestions and/or send them our way! We appreciate any help in this quarter greatly, as the situation we’re in has sorta tanked us temporarily…

We appreciate all of you, and look forward to seeing you soon sometime at a show- check out our schedule at www.rubydeemusic.com and keep it tasty!

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