Dark Side of the Highway..!

Ruby Dee vid still

We love when our DJ pals let us know that they’ve been spinning our tracks. Check out WHUS show Dark Side of the Highway for some classic dark Americana, where my always sunny side fits right in 😉 Dark Side of the Highway

In other news, we’ll be coming back to Seattle to play the Kustom Kulture Festival in August, later this year!! RDSH perform on Friday August 17, time TBA

Plus we’ll also be playing a private anniversary event for our dearest pals Ed and Britta and a last chance to perform at the infamous Highway 99 Blues Club… so much rockin’ and rollin’ in the great NW, I can hardly wait!!

And last, we will be taking a brief performing hiatus while a) we work on new songs, b) Jorge is away playing with our pal Patricia Vonne in Germany throughout April, and c) we work shows back into our schedule from AMG 🙂 And when we start playing again, we’ll hit the ground running, you better believe it! We’ll have new drummer Michael Bahan on board, and a whole slew of new songs to try out on you. Looking forward to it!

Until the next time, keep it round like a record, and tasty like… hm you fill in the blank 😉

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What can we say, the one and only Ruby Dee!
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