One Step Forward, Half a Step Back

RD-JH Floores

Well, isn’t that just like life?! Our new booking agency just let us know that our booking agent there is heading back to school, and no-one else on the team there can pick us up at this time- so as far as we know, we might not have a booking agency- we’re still waiting for confirmation.

Meanwhile, since they had picked us up last year, I stopped booking shows, and since they never booked any for us, as the calendar of shows that I had previously booked ran out, we suddenly find ourselves with no shows for the next 3 months! So now I’m pinging folks left and right, working hard to get shows back on the calendar, yoiks!

So! We have the 4-5 dates in Australia coming up in early February (one additional show to be added TBA), and one show in March at ABIA here in Austin. Other than that, Jorge will be out of town on tour with our pal Patricia Vonne in April, so we’re going to have a lot of time to work on new material and not many chances for you to hear it quite yet!

That will change- that’s life, of course. And we’ll keep you posted as to new shows and other news as things move along. We hope 2018 is treating everyone well so far- and we hope to see you soon sometime, out there somewhere 🙂 until then, keep on a rockin’ RDSH

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