So Grateful, All the Time

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I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to play with some of the best musicians around the globe. Last night as I stood offstage and watched Jorge Harada and Mike Smith and Rick Watson tear it up for the good folks at the Driskill, I couldn’t help but feel love and pride for these gents and what we do…

I mean, I’ve been in Memphis for the past few months, and yet the gents still get together and rehearse our songs to iron out kinks so we play seamlessly after however much time apart. How lucky can a gal be?

We have one more show this month- tomorrow night at the Continental Club in Austin with our pals Hillbilly Casino- you do NOT want to miss this show!! Then I’m back in Memphis until mid-December- maybe coming back with a few recordings under my belt, stax style, friends!!! More to be revealed…

We have a few shows to close out the year- December 22 at the Central Market for the whole family 6-9pm and back to the Driskill for our New Year’s Eve shenanigans there. Come out and say howdy someplace soon!! Until then, stay sane and safe and we’ll catch you on the flipside, RDSH

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