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Only one week until the Grammy ballots are announced… we’re not really expecting anything for LITTLE BLACK HEART, but we’re hopeful too- stranger things have been known to happen!

And we’re closing details on a bunch of 2017 dates- including out to Arizona in February for Rockabilly Reunion in Lake Havasu and shows en route and back, and a quick jaunt out to CA in March to play Don the Beach Comber and a few other dates in SoCal πŸ™‚ Also talking to a few festivals about shows later in the year. Hey! If you want us to come out and play near you, let us know- we’re itching to hit the road, broken bones and vocal injuries be damned πŸ˜‰

In other news- remember the documentary that local filmmaker Waterloo Productions was making about me and my accident and recovery? Well, sadly they had a file crash and lost all the interviews, footage, everything they’d compiled over the past year. But now we’re back on track- they just finished a whole new round of interviews, and took some great footage of the band at this past weekend’s show here in Austin at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon. So hang tight, there will be video coming soon…!

Speaking of this weekend’s show, I want everyone to give a warm, music-loving welcome to our new bass player extraordinaire Rick Watson! Rick has spent many many years polishing the back of that upright bass (and classic electric bass!) with such folks as Jesse Dayton, Dane Sterling, Palomino Shakedown and more. We are so excited to have Rick sharing the stage with us- this man has one of the best damned pockets you can find anywhere- hear that, all my dancin’ pals?!

So obviously, we are rehearsing up old Snakehandlers songs- including many that have fallen off our set lists for some years. We had a request on Friday that made me realize, hey, we need to bring back some of these old songs for our appreciative fans again πŸ™‚ And… we’re working in brand new songs that I can hardly wait for you to hear! In my book, it’s never a fully ‘alive’ song until an audience hears it and lets us know how they like it. Coming soon to a show near you πŸ™‚

So make sure you stop by to hang with the band and give Rick Watson a nice warm Snakehandlers welcome- we look forward to seeing you out and about at a show soon!

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