Nothing Better Than a Birthday on the Road


Even though I caught some kind of wicked cold and am smothered in the Aussie version of Vicks Vaporub and am basically spending the day in bed resting up for our show tonight, I still get to spend my birthday surrounded by friends and fans and sing to my hearts content, which isn’t a bad thing at all!

Also, we played a rockin’ fun show at the Retreat Hotel last night to a great crowd full of dancers and music lovers- and the staff was superb- they treated us SO WELL. I just love me some Melbourne venues and folks everywhere 🙂

So now, I’m resting up, chest decongestant in hand, and then we head over to the Memo Lounge in St Kilda to rock out for any and all folks who dare to come out and wish me a happy rockin’ birthday Aussie style! There will be surprises all night long, so I’m told…!

Last thing- the CD LITTLE BLACK HEART is available digitally now at CD Baby so you can buy songs all together or singly if you have your own personal fave 😉

We look forward to seeing all your bright and smiling shiny faces soon! Come out and say howdy y’all!

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