That’s why I don’t play poker

Yesterday, we drove through some of the most beautiful country last night- winding roads through the redwoods along the coast- Jody saw his first elk- Kevin slept through most of it all 😉 After visiting with Jorge’s mamacita for a bit, we rested up at the hotel, then stepped into Johnny B’s world- a world of local rockin’ jumpin’ jivin’ swing-punk Oregonians with a verve for life! What a great little place to play- Johnny runs great sound- and even played in the opening band.

Johnny’s band “Step It Up And Go” gal singer was in a rowdy mood onstage and crackin’ me up. I couldn’t keep a straight face! No harm no foul, just a whole lotta fun. We also raised about $120 towards the Kipp Crawford scholarship fund, nd hope to add well to it at the Portland show.

Tonight we play the Silver Moon Brewery in Bend, then Eugene, Portland, and finally, the BALL in Seattle! Look out friends, here we come!

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