Nearly Speechless

I’m sitting in a beautiful home situated on the southern edge of California’s towering redwoods, drinking a glass of porto, winding down from a truly fun show at Toby’s Feed Barn up the road in Point Reyes Station, haybales and all. It’s so beautiful up here, I’m nearly speechless, it just takes my breath away.

And everyone we’ve met up here is so kind, so considerate. The show we just played was a fundraiser for KWMR, the local radio station up here- they have a show that was inspired by our CD North of Bakersfield (gotta love that). A whole variety of folks came out to support their radio station, which was in itself inspiring, and we threw in too, donating proceeds from merch sales to their cause. After all, we help them, they play us, it all works out in the long run.

And tomorrow we drive through some of the most beautiful country in this world- on up to Arcata and Eureka, where we’ll be playing at the Pearl tomorrow night.

What a week- we played the perfectly placed Valhalla Theatre in South Lake Tahoe, perched right at the edge of the lake there to a house full of folks, then on up here to Rancho Nicasio for a fun crowd there- Jorge’s pal Johnny from Johnny and the Blades came out as a surprise, which was a treat. Then we drove on over to Newman, south of the City, to play the gorgeous, immaculately renovated West Side Theatre there. Those folks put us up, fed us WELL, and just plain reminded us you can have a little Texas everywhere you go- so much about them reminded us of that good southern hospitality. Then we came up here to a lovely, wispy fog filled evening playing at the old feed barn, and now, back to that glass of port 🙂

One more week on the road- we hope to see y’all somewhere along the way!

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