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This Seattle* band have been building huge following at their live shows throughout America, and this album goes a long way to prove why that is. The group consists of lead vocalist and songwriter Ruby Dee Philippa, Jorge Harada (guitars), Sean Hudson (bass), Kipp Crawford (drums) and Bob Knetzger (pedal steel, mandolin, banjo, Dobro).

This is their second full-length CD, and contains a huge slice of rockabilly such as the feisty opener Since You Went Away which showcases Ruby’s full life vocals, and the bouncy beat of Childish Memories. Other musical styles encompassed within the albums genre mixing pot include the western-swing of Cold Pines And Red Dirt, and the steam-driven rock’n’roll blaster Shameful Breaker. When singing fast songs, Ruby’s bubbly and full-of-fun character comes out in her singing, but then on the lovely ballad Comes A Time she also proves how good she is at delivering a song with the right amount of emotion needed. Another standout ballad is the slow waltzing Cry All Over Me with some sweet pedal steel from Knetzger. Very good album, with Ruby’s great voice supported superbly by some excellent musicianship. – DK

MAVERICK, Issue #82, May 2009
Ruby Dee And The Snakehandlers MILES FROM HOME
Dionysus Records- 1D1233139

* based in Austin as of February 2009

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