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Demos, Check!


We have had a whirlwind month preparing my new songs for recording, working on a new song every week, and culminating in a long night in our home studio this past Friday, when we laid down demos for all the songs. That gives us just under a month to listen to our parts, figure out what changes or details we might want to add in, and really smooth out any rough edges before heading into Ameripolitan Studios the first weekend in March.

I am so excited. Or couldn’t you tell?! This is my favorite part of the process of songwriting. I write the song, bring it to Jorge, we work out details, then bring it to the band. With the band, we work out parts, and then we take that last step and play the song before a live audience. And that’s where the song blossoms into something more real! Once you inject that live audience into the mix, something morphs in the song, and it somehow just becomes bigger.

In fact, at our monthly residency show at Ginny’s last night, we played the full album- sort of taste testing it on the audience there. And all the brand new songs- the four we’ve never played to anyone previously and in fact have really just worked on as a band over the past few weeks- got thumbs up all around the room!

Another funny thing about that is that I always think “oh this is my favorite new song” and then once we start playing all the songs live, another new song becomes my favorite, and then another… There’s a couple of doozies in this mix- ‘Not For Long’, a rockin’ R&B song about a woman who gets hit and let’s the guy know how not ok that is, ‘Little Black Heart’, a murder ballad about a man with a shriveled black heart, and ‘Put You Down’, a spaghetti western Leone type number about a gal who walks away from a man who has done her wrong.

I look forward to you hearing them all, soon! And meanwhile, we really look forward to seeing your bright and shiny smiling faces at a show sometime soon. We’ll even take your requests for brand new songs :-)

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Inspiration in a loss, and more

I’m heading home from my aunt’s funeral after spending round the clock time with family and listening to stories about her life over shared meals and tears. Things people said really got me thinking about her life- who she was and what she could have been had circumstances been different. That’s a song, I promise you right now. Wait for it…

In other, much happier news, we’ll be working on one last new song this week and the heading into our home studio to record demos of the album so we can each work on our own parts over the next month. Then into the Ameripolitan Studio with Cris Burns next month and hit record!!

I’m so excited about this new release, and really look forward to all of you hearing it too. Not that you’re my greatest critics! More like your feedback adds to all the creative ingredients we have on hand, and helps us make up new recipes πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸŽΈ however you look at it, I’m psyched for you to wrap your ears around the new songs 😎

Until then, make sure you stop on by and say howdy at a show sometime soon. We love seeing all your smiling faces on the dance floor! This week’s post goes out to aunt Janice- I know you’re singing where ever you are

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2 More Songs!


We’ve been working hard on the new material I’ve been writing, and are down to the last 2 songs that we need to work up in preparation for heading into the studio next month.

One of the songs is something I wrote about a recent experience I had where someone laid their hands on me uninvited… the song has become something of an R&B homage to women (and men) everywhere who’ve been abused and finally stood up to their abuser and walk away. Fun song, serious topic, rockin’ resolution :-)

The other song came out of a conversation a friend and I had one day- my pal Tjarko Jeen said something about his little black heart, and I thought “ooooh… that’s a song!” I ran home and wrote this out pretty much all in one sitting- sort of a dark love story in a gorgeous minor key :-)

So for the next few weeks, we’ll be working on these two numbers, then into the home studio to record demos- that gives us something to listen to so we can figure out details on our parts, harmonies for my vocals, all that good stuff that makes a song pop. Then next month into the studio!

Can you tell I’m excited? Until then, we look forward to seeing your smiling faces someplace down the road soon!

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