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Gearing Up and Ready to Go!

RD Big Ts

In the final weeks before we head out on tour, I always start to get a little antsy- can we go yet, for criminy’s sake?! I’ve already advanced the shows, worked on promotions, reached out to radio and print media to talk about the shows, set up any hotels, confirmed our routes, oh and even done a little singing somehow in between all that πŸ˜‰

Makes me so crazy ready to just hit the road that I have a hard time concentrating on writing, or even rehearsing. Just ask Jorge- he’s always pitching melatonin or something to calm the wife down πŸ˜‰

That being said, I HAVE been working on a few new songs- stuff the band hasn’t even heard yet- all built up around the bass or drums or guitar. I can hardly wait to bring these songs to the boys so we can work on them and bring them your way! Think: Gene Krupa drums, swingin’ big band guitar stabs, big bluesy bass lines… that’s what I’m writing these days, I hope you like ’em once you hear them.

Until then, stay tuned- and if you’re in Colorado or New Mexico as we pass through May into June, please swing by and shout with us! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces soon πŸ™‚ RDSH

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Jump! Jiggle! and Shout!

RDS 11x17 copy

Yeah that was the name of the tour I did last year in Europe with Mr. Twist as my backing band and it was FUN. While in the back of the van, nursing my broken ribs and trying to not only mend but psyche up for each show, I wrote this little jivin’ song in honor of the great tour we had- thank you Mr. Twist gents!! So now I’m working on this song and will present it to folks in Europe first on our upcoming July and August tour. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to roll! πŸ™‚

Looking forward to seeing y’all soon across Colorado and New Mexico too, friends…!

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Home Again Home Again Jiggedy Jig


It’s always good to be home after staying in hotels for a month- eating a home cooked meal (even if I did cook it myself!), and nestling into our own bed with my hubby-hub and kitty-cat πŸ™‚

While I’ve been away, the gents have been working out details to old songs we haven’t played in a while, and now we’re going to start working on new songs that I can hardly wait to hear fleshed out by the band! And of course, for you to hear them as well πŸ™‚

We hit the road across Colorado and New Mexico in May and June, so please make sure you tell all your friends to come out and give the band a warm welcome- that’s always nice to see smiling friendly faces wherever we go. And until then, we have a handful of shows closer to home- with a whole bunch of great surprise guests joining us onstage! April 29th at the Pecan Street Brewery, stop by to hear the unflappable Andrew Van Voorhees on bass with us, as well as all the way from down under, Mister Chuck Stokes!! That’s a show you won’t want to miss πŸ˜‰

Until the next time, we’ll catch you on the flipside- keep it rockin and rollin y’all!

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