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Happy Half Year! (and Tour News)

Howdy friends and family, we just realized we’re already halfway through 2015- anyone else feel like that came along pretty fast?! Well, Happy Half Year! Either way ;-)

We are prepped and excited about heading back across the pond to Europe for our 8th tour there! We’ll be playing all sorts of great venues and festivals throughout Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland. We’re psyched to show off this version of the band- with Dylan Cavaliere on upright bass and AJ Mac on Drums and of course, Gretsch-endorsed Jorge Harada on that big damn guitar- it’s the best Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers have ever sounded and we can hardly wait for you to hear us now!

And as you probably have heard, we’ve been working on some new songs for y’all, since Ruby’s writing has kicked in again, still healing up from her near-death scooter accident 8 years ago. This is a collection of songs about events- large and small- happening all around Ruby’s life since the accident, with some heartfelt focus on folks treating one another in the various ways we do: Put You Down, I See Green, Little Black Heart, Mean Mean Woman, Can You Spare a Match, You Underwhelm Me, The Road’s Weary End and more- all original, and some of the best Ruby has ever written! Including a song for Camille, who we all lost a few weeks back to cancer. Fuck cancer. And miss you Camille.

So, now we just look forward to seeing your bright and shiny smiling faces at a show sometime soon. Be sure to check out our calendar to find out where and when we’ll be playing next, and we’ll see you there!

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Buy it Once, Buy it Right

Over the years, we’ve run into a number of situations on tour- especially when we tour overseas- when our poor drummer or bass player has had to play on gear that is less than optimal- often with pieces broken or missing altogether.

Last year, while setting up our tour across Australia, we ran into a situation where in one area, they had never even heard of an upright bass, let alone being able to provide us with one as backline. So we made the big jump and purchased a folding upright bass for Dman, which ensured that he had the best instrument and consistency every date we played over there. We did our research, and found that the Chadwick Folding Bass is the best there is out there- and not the most expensive! The CFB is a real honest-to-God double bass, and the neck comes off and folds into the body, which then packs into a suitcase that is standard airline luggage size and weight! So no oversize or overweight fees. Nice.

But our drummer still suffered, as always, with bits and pieces of crazy drum kits. So this year, before heading out to Europe again, we researched our options and found the Ludwig Breakbeats Kit by Questlove. This kit nests into itself for air transport (inside a hardshell case of course), and hardware is so lightweight these days, that gets packed in with the drummers suitcase and we (and he) are good to go!

Here’s the deal- we don’t get sponsorship or anything from these folks. We have just done the research and purchased the right stuff for the job. And thought we’d like to share that information with you in case you ever need the same down the road. As Jorge always says- buy it once, buy it right!

Ok, back to getting ready for the upcoming tour. Hope to see you out there somewhere! Please check our website to find out where and when we’ll be playing near you :-)

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Juggling Rhythm Sections- Got This!

We’re having one of those months when everyone in the band has different things going on in other areas of their lives so we either have to turn down shows or find replacements for one or another of the band members here and there. The tough part about that is that as we add new songs to our roster, the subs don’t know those songs. And we end up adding extra rehearsals to our already busy schedule just to bone up on the old material, which takes extra time we don’t necessarily have. Those of you who play music for a living know what I’m talking about!

RDSH Car Show 2015

So, I’m not complaining at all- just setting the stage to explain our harlequin show schedule for the rest of this month ;-) Next weekend, we’ll be bringing down the house at Sam’s Town Point in South Austin along with the Phantom Shakers from 10pm to 1am and with Sneaky Pete on upright bass, yeah man! That’s always a super fun show there!

Then the following weekend, we’re sharing the stage again with the Phantom Shakers at the Rattle Inn, this time with Sneaky Beat on the Beat playing drums all night long with the Snakehandlers! While earlier that day, we’re playing a library show with our regular gents- Dylan and AJ on bass and drums. Jorge’s going to get a split personality with all that mixing and matching rhythm sections…

Oh! And here’s what we’re really excited about: Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers are returning to Houston to play the Continental Club there for the first time in something like 8 years!! So please, all our Houston pals and fans, come down to the CC and put on some noise June 25th!!

In July and August our schedule pulls back a LOT so we can get back to rehearsing up the new songs in anticipation of recording at the end of the year! Ok, so until then, we sure look forward to seeing your smiling faces at a show somewhere soon :-) check our calendar to see where and when we’ll be playing near you next

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