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Snakehandlers Tour Report

How is it possible that we’ve only been here a week? Touring is like that- time flies by but at the same time crawls along… Well, playing 3 countries in 6 days will do that to you!!

Truly great shows so far: from the surprisingly polite crowd at the Trelleborg city park show to the we-got-them-dancing crowd in Leipzig to the rave rockin’ boppin’ dancers and teddy boys here in Hamburg last night- everyone has been so kind and generous and a real treat to play to! We look forward to coming back and doing it again sooner than the 5 years it took us to return this time around…


The only sucky bit is that AJs stick bag got stolen with all his sticks, brushes, drum keys, and some personal rings he takes off when he plays. That wasn’t the folks we were playing for who did that. Some low lifes off the street came into the bar and did a walk through… Our hosts insisted on replacing at least some of the sticks and brushes, AND they paid for our parking ticket we got while there. Good people (Mister Twist!)

Now we’re heading back east to Dresden to play at Rosis Hechtfest with our pals the Lazy Boys! That’s going to be FUN. Then lots more driving and playing all over Germany and Switzerland, then up to Denmark, Norway and back to Sweden… Whew!! Check our calendar to see where and when we’ll be playing next, cause right now, we don’t know beyond today where we’re supposed to be!!

Alright, Dresden here we come! See y’all soon!

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Ready Or Not, Here We Come!

Live From Austin Texas Album Cover

All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go, heading back to Europe! Hey, we know it’s not our 1st time there (or 3rd or 5th or…)- we’re just so excited about this lineup of Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers and this tour in particular that we can’t help but go on and on about it!

We know it’s only been a few years since we’ve been to some of our old stomping grounds across the pond- it just feels like a lot longer for some reason. So this tour is a bit like an overdue homecoming :-)

Plus we’re playing some really fun festivals and a few great rooms that we’re really looking forward to performing in- and there’s the bit we keep saying over and over again about how excited we are to play new songs for our pals and fans over there. Which is true!

So check out our calendar to see where and when we’ll be playing near you next- whether that’s Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany & Switzerland or back here in the States- and we look forward to rockin’ all night long for you soon!

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So Much Time, So Little To Do (Wait, Reverse That!)

Ha! Our heads are spinning from all that we have left to do in preparation for our upcoming tour to Europe! Folks have no idea how much work it is to prepare for being on the road…

We have posters to mail out, tour booklets to print, the standard pre-show PR to all points, and the initial and final weighing of all gear to make sure we distribute evenly enough so all bags are capped at 50#… that also means paring down what we bring to the bare essentials. Let’s see:

Drums (nesting drums pack into one bag, hardware into suitcase)- check
Upright bass- check
Guitar- check
T-shirts, work-shirts, ladies’ unmentionables, CDs, LPs, cookbooks, coozies- check
Bass pre-amp- check
Guitar speaker cabinet and amp- check
Lyric sheets (because of my TBI)- check
Microphone, music stand, banner- check
Pedal board- check
RDSH Drum head- check
5# worth of personal clothing cause that’s all that will fit into my bag with all the other stuff!!- check

I know I’m forgetting something, but hopefully it’ll come to me before we leave 2 weeks from today ;-) Meanwhile, all the dates are up on our calendar, so please check there to see where and when we’ll be playing and then make sure you stop by to give the Snakehandlers a warm Texas-sized welcome! We are incredibly excited about this tour in particular, since we’re playing some really great festivals and classic rooms, and for old pals we haven’t seen in quite some time!

And for all our friends back here in the States, we look forward to seeing you down the road around these here parts too :-) Catch you on the flip side!

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