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Jump! Jiggle! and Shake it!

All across Denmark, Sweden and Germany- despite my broken rib and all the problems that’s presenting- this has got to be the most fun I’ve had on tour in years!! I cannot say enough about what a joy it is to play with such professional musicians (yup that’s Mr. Twist as the Snakehandlers y’all) and they’re genuinely nice guys too, so being in the van long distances is fun 🙂

We’ve had some really rockin’ shows throughout Denmark and Sweden, and have just started hop skip and jumping around Germany this past week. We still have a few shows left before I take my broken old self back across the pond, so make sure you come out and say howdy- no that’s HOWDY!! to the band 😉 That’s:

September 24 Rosis Amusierlokal Dresden, DE
September 25 Noel’s Ballroom Teadance Leipzig, DE
September 29 Meyer’s Diner Chemnitz, DE
September 30 Rock n Roll Rickerman’s Landhaus Reckenfeld, DE
October 1 Rockabilly Fruschoppen at Thav Hildesheim, DE
October 1 Zwischen Durch Hildesheim, DE
October 2 Happy Billard Hamburg, DE

In other news, LITTLE BLACK HEART is still charting on the AMA charts, and we’ll soon have reviews and interviews in a handful of rockabilly and vintage guitar magazines- stay tuned!

I look forward to seeing all your smiling faces soon somewhere out here on the road- just don’t squeeze me too tight so we don’t break another rib! But hey, that’s rock n roll 😉

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Here! I! Go! (Look out Europe)


I leave for Northern Europe- Sweden, Denmark, and Germany- in a couple of days, and am mentally ready to rock n roll! I’m still resting up with my broken rib, so I just hope I can keep up physically with my mind 😉 Plus, this is the first tour I’ve ever done without my regular backing band- so I’m a little nervous about not being 100% AND not having my regular guys. Though I’m pretty sure Mr. Twist- the German band who will be backing me up- will bring it 150% and make up for anything I might miss 😉

Honestly though I’m pretty excited about this tour. Plus LITTLE BLACK HEART is remaining on the charts in it’s 4th week at #83 with a lot of competition, and Jorge and I are going to be on the covers of Blue Suede News, Vintage Guitar, Rockabilly Deluxe, and Rockabilly Vintage magazines coming up soon!!

More than anything, I just really want to share this album with as many folks as possible- and also heal up so we can start working on new songs I’ve been tinkering around with 🙂

If you’re out and about anywhere across Denmark, Sweden or Germany- please come out and say howdy. You’ll make this gal flying solo feel right at home

*Sept 15 Pub Kuntz at St Gertrude Malmo, Sweden
*Sept 16 Mojo Blues Bar Kobenhavn Denmark
*Sept 17 Kafe de Luxe Vaxjo, Sweden
*Sept 18 KoM Musik & Bar Goteborg, Sweden
*Sept 22 Irish Bar Luneberg, Germany
*Sept 23 Charly’s Diner Solingen, Germany
*Sept 24 Rosis Amusierlokal Dresden, Germany
*Sept 25 Noel’s Ballroom Leipzig, Germany
*Sept 29 Meyer’s Diner Chemnitz, Germany
*Sept 30 Rock n Roll Rickerman’s Landhaus Reckenfeld, Germany
*Oct 1 Rockabilly Fruschoppen Hildesheim, Germany
*Oct 1 Zwischen Durch Hildesheim, Germany
*Oct 2 Happy Billard Hamburg, Germany

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Roots Music Report LBH Review


With one of the toughest rockabilly voices this side of Wanda Jackson, Ruby Dee serves her pugnacious pipes quite well with an impressive string of original roadhouse rockers, with lyrics as sharp as her band is spunky. The fare here is fresh sounding and varied, from the sure-footed swing of “Can You Spare a Match?” to the insistent country drive of the minor-keyed “Put You Down”, to the straight-ahead ‘billy rocker “Mean Mean Woman”. The mid-tempo heart-tugger “Camille” is definitely airplay-worthy and Ms. Dee’s cover of the Jack Scott classic “The Way I Walk” is a natural. Read the Review

Duane Verh- Moab, UT

Catty Town Records (2016)

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