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Rockin’ Great News!


We’ve had a whole slew of great news come our way this week- first off, the records finally arrived! Even though LITTLE BLACK HEART was released in late July, 2016, the vinyl production plants in the U.S. have been so backed up that it took them 6 months to produce the records! But many boxes of vinyl crossed our doorstep yesterday, so we are now ready to fulfill all your vinyl orders! And I have to say, artwork just looks better in vinyl format than CD… Buy the Record

We also now have colorful paper fans for all the dancers who need a little extra breeze at our shows πŸ™‚

And we’re talking with a new touring agency for here in the U.S. It’s been too many years since I’ve been able to tour the U.S.- since we have drivers in Europe and Australia, but we have to pull that weight here and that’s been a bit much for me with my brain injury. Now we’re starting to hit the road again here, and it feels so great!! We’re looking forward to working with the new agency- we haven’t signed anything yet, so I can’t quite say who until then… This is something we’ve been working on for some time, and finally, it’s here. So… Here! We! Go!

Before they start working with us though, I’m putting the finishing touched on our CO/NM tour. We have a few open dates we need help filling, if anyone can help us with ideas, suggestions, or hey, even a booking πŸ˜‰ Those dates are:

Sunday May 21 around Boulder or not too far (a few hours or less)
Wednesday May 24 around Grand Junction or not too far (a few hours or less)
Thursday May 25 around Aspen or not too far (a few hours or less)

Then we head to New Mexico and have a few dates to fill there:

Wednesday May 31-Friday June 2 around Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Taos… any and all suggestions and/or bookings most welcome!!

And we’re starting to get some great shows together for our next jaunt across the pond to Europe- playing a bunch of fun festivals and shows across Germany, Belgium, the U.K. and Ireland. Stay tuned, we’ll start posting those shows soon!

Until the next time, keep on a rockin’, and remember, we’re all in this together!

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Ah, a Little R&R = Good For The Soul!

JH-RD Good One

I just got home from a perfect weekend with my pal Jess Klein in North Carolina- we had a restful and relaxing weekend sleeping in, eating, going to shows, hanging out, hiking, eating some more… and NO BAND STUFF! I didn’t work on booking, or rehearse, or anything. Well, I did work on a song, but in a restful way πŸ˜‰

A little R&R = good for the soul, every time πŸ™‚ Now I’m home, working on upcoming tours again, and getting ready to work up new songs with the band, as well as brush off some old favorites we haven’t played in some time.

Hope everyone is well, and look forward to seeing your smiling faces at a show sometime soon!!

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Hola 2017!


Hi friends! We want to be sure and express a sincere and heartfelt Happy New Year to each and every one of you- after this crazy past year, we think it’s important to remember that we’re all in this together, no matter what you’re talking about, where you’re coming from, which ‘side’ you raise the flag for… we all want the same thing in the end- and that’s for everyone to be safe and loved and have enough. So with a quick recap of 2016:

We started the year off working feverishly on new songs in time to hit the studio early in the year and record at the amazing Ameripolitan Studios with Cris Burns at the helm and Ruby and Jorge co-producing for the first time ever. Guest artists on various songs included Tony Rogers on cello, James Anderson on violin, Jim Trimmier on sax, Dave Leroi Biller on laptop steel, and the inimitable Earl Poole Ball on piano (yes, Johnny Cash’s piano player!).

Then we shopped the record around and landed in the lap of brand new Catty Town Records, working with Rhythm Bomb Records to get out a whole new slew of great Rockabilly, Roots, Jump Blues, and Swing music, and connect folks who live this stuff every day πŸ˜‰ LITTLE BLACK HEART charted at #83 on the AMA charts, was listed as the #2 Rockabilly Album by the Roots Music Report, and earned the band positions in eight categories for the 59th Grammy Awards, including Best Americana Album and Best American Roots Song!

We played a few choice fat tours in 2016: In Australia we ran up and down the east coast, playing shows from Adelaide to Melbourne, including both awesome Greazefests. Then I played a rockin hoo-hah tour across the pond in Denmark, Sweden and Germany with my new favorite German crazy loving sweet rowdy fun band Mr. Twist backing me up. I have to say, that was the best tour ever.

And it was the year of injuries. I broke two ribs on two separate occasions loading gear, fell off the stage and tore my shoulder and bicep, caught pneumonia on tour, and found out I have bone loss, which when combined with the 1st broken rib, has pulled my vocal chords out of alignment and is causing me all sorts of problems being able to hold notes, hit notes, catch my breath… but I keep going- what else is there to do?! Yay for physical therapy, turmeric, massage, and vocal pathology…

And last, yes it was a year of controversy. Of angry words and bombs and a lot of suffering all over the world. For these reasons, we look forward to seeing 2016 go. And we know that while the new year doesn’t mean everything majically changes for the better- terrorists and disturbed folks will keep doing their hateful, deranged harmful things in this world. But the rest of us can hope for better, and work together to mend the rips, dry the tears, and help one another, even if only one person at a time. Yes, we’re all in this together- let’s remember that!! So let’s greet 2017 with open arms and hearts, and hold out our hands in kindness and caring in this strange new world we’re walking into.

Now we’re just looking forward to seeing your bright and shiny smiling faces at a show sometime soon. There are a handful of exciting festivals and events we’ll be playing throughout 2017, including Rockabilly Reunion in Lake Havasu February 18th (and a brief tour on the way), a quick fast and dirty tour across Southern California in mid-March, a rockin’ swingin’ tour across Colorado in May, and about a month across the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and…? in July and August, so be sure to check out our calendar to find out where and when we’ll be playing next, and until then, keep on a rockin’!

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