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Feeling Lucky and Thankful

We hear folks complain all the time about how hard it is to make it as a musician, let alone make enough to pay the band, living and playing here in Austin. Well yes, that’s true for most of us.

Yet, aside from the small number who actually can make a living solely as musicians, there are those of us who come darned close, just doing what we love to do- writing, rehearsing, recording and playing our music for folks everywhere. Sure, we get creative, and work for other artists, helping them book tours or playing for them. Or we take part-time or full-time day-jobs to cover the bills at home, while music fills our creative needs- and for us, pays for all costs related to supporting itself: making CDs and touring.

So… what’s not to feel lucky and thankful for? We are part of the lucky handful who write, record, release recordings, and then play not only locally but tour to all sorts of fun places- Australia, all over Europe, and of course all sorts of places right here in the States.

Even this week, playing right here at home, we get to play alongside all stripes of great musicians at fantastic events right here in our backyard: Just for the Roundup, there’s Southern Culture on the Skids, Wanda Jackson, a whole slew of great local bands we love seeing whenever we can (LLoyd Tripp, Deuce Coupe, The Casey Sisters, and The Moonhowlers just to name a few), and we’re right in there, rockin’ and rollin’ :-) with the best incarnation we’ve had of this band yet!

So we’re feeling lucky and thankful; Ruby’s writing lots of new songs again that we’re working on and excited to play for you, and that’s what the music is all about!

Catch you on the flipside, somewhere soon,

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So Many Shows!

Howdy friends and family- You know, we promised ourselves at the start of the year that we wouldn’t play too many shows for the first few months so we can work on new songs in preparation for heading into the studio at the end of the year. Problem is, folks keep asking us to play shows we’d really like to play, so we keep adding them onto our calendar, and whew! For sticking around home turf, we’re sure playing a lot!

In May alone, we have 9 great shows in and near Austin, including an exciting night at the Continental Club Friday May 22nd when we are going to be filmed for live footage going into Waterloo Productions’ documentary on the band! That’s a live show, so we would like to have all our friends and dancer pals come down and be in the movie! We play with Two Tons of Steel- they play 10-midnight, and we play midnight to 2am, so bring it!!!

We have a similar schedule in both June and July- lots of great car shows, shows in the park, festivals, and our normal venues, of course. To see where we’re playing, go to our website at and come see us soon! We really are, somehow, working on new songs, and look forward to seeing what you like :-)

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Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers Tour News

First off, we had a spectacular SXSW this year- mostly due to the awesome friends and fans who came out to see us everywhere we played, and to our pal Chuck Stokes from Australia who hopped on the Snakehandlers bus for a bunch of fun shows, backed by Jorge, Dylan and AJ- we had some fun!

And here’s a quickie Snakehandlers tour update: our August/September 2015 European Tour is starting to be posted, beginning with the Soderslatt Festival in Anderslov, Sweden and a few fun nights in Finland with our pal DJ Lord Fatty :-) Look forward to a great show schedule across Sweden, Finland, Germany, Denmark, and hopefully Norway…

We also just heard back from the tour agency we worked with in Australia last year, and we’ve been invited back down under in 2016!

Last, we’d like to send out a big howdy to our friends at Viva Las Vegas this weekend- we sure wish we were there with you- just wait til next year! Until then, make sure you check out where we’re playing next- we have a busy schedule this Spring, and can hardly wait to see your smiling faces soon :-)

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