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Yes, We Are Going To Play Holiday Songs, Mr. Harada


I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for holiday songs this time of year- especially the classic rockin’ versions of Jingle Bell Rock, Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree, Santa Baby, Blue Christmas, Bowie singing on Little Drummer Boy…!

So yes, Mr. Harada, we are going to play holiday songs at Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon when we play there for our monthly residency on Friday December 23rd. If you’d like to come out and hang with the band, get away from family- or bring them along- and raise some Christmas cheer with the Snakehandlers, then come on down to Ginny’s that Friday for happy hour from 6-8pm!

Other than that, we’ll be continuing to take it a bit easy this season so I can keep healing from all my crazy injuries, and meanwhile we’ll work on some more brand new songs for your listening and dancing pleasure 🙂

Then we hope to see you at the Driskill Hotel on new year’s eve for our annual celebration there. We’ll provide the party hats and fun noise-making toys as long as you hang out with the band and help us swing in the new year in style!

Make sure you check our calendar to see where and when we’ll be playing next- and please, remember to take care of one another. We’re all in this together, no matter what your affiliations or political beliefs may be. Happy holidays, everyone!

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SCC-NYTT Little Black Heart Review- Winter, 2016

Catty Town Records
3 hats out of 5
lbh background wrkng

Our rockabilly friends from Austin, Ruby Dee and her Snakehandlers are back with a new album. This is the same swinging mix of rockabilly, honky tonk, Bakersfield twang and country and sometimes a bit of swing. We get a total of thirteen songs, where all but the cover of Jack Scott’s “The Way I Walk” has been written by Ruby Dee. It’s a big deal since Ruby Dee was in a traffic accident back in 2008 and damaged her brain – especially the part that controls the language. So she couldn’t remember words nor speak full sentences. Do write down music and lyrics was impossible. It’s therefore nice to see that she’s worked her way through this and managed to create twelve new songs for us to listen to here.

The starting “Not for Long” is actually about events that happened to Ruby Dee after her gig at the Söderslätt festival last year. “All Knocked Up” is a nice swinging rockabilly tune. Other songs that I like include “The Way I Walk” that they do a great cover of, “Camille” the western influenced “Put You Down” and the little retro popish “I See Green”. Ruby Dee has been kind enough to give us a couple of signed copies of her album for the CD lottery for this year for the ones who renew their membership before the end of the year. In case that you don’t win it you can buy it at Ruby Dee’s website A good album for those that want some danceable rockabilly in their stereo.
Read the Full Interview Here (in Swedish!)
– Marcus Thell

SCC-NYTT Magazine Smålands, Sweden
(Catty Town Records) 2016

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Little Black Heart iTunes Review Nov 2016

lbh background wrkng

Rock’n’roll is tops

Here is some good old rock ‘n’ roll with the twist, shuffle and them all in the bag! The vocals and backing voices in ALL KNOCKED UP is in a league beyond compare and there’s some neat guitar on I SEE GREEN. The title track LITTLE BLACK HEART has some great vocals with soft, neat backing voices too.

CAN YOU SPARE A MATCH and YOU UNDERWHELM ME are tracks I loved and the great guitar just gets better and better. Then came the Elvis style vocals on THE WAY I WALK like the icing on the cake!

Wouter Kellerman, Grammy Award-Winning Musician- South Africa
(Catty Town Records) 2016

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